Blueberry production opportunities in Georgia

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Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University Press
There is a growing trend in demand for berry crops, including blueberries, worldwide. The European Union, Russia, China, the United Arab Emirates and other countries stand out in this regard. Today, the blueberries produced in the world do not meet the market demand. Exports of raw blueberries to the EU have doubled in the last ten years. However, in the wake of the growing market, the resources available in many regions are not yet fully utilized. It was found out that Georgia has one of the best soil-climatic conditions for the production of blueberries, which allows obtaining quality raw materials in accordance with international standards. Thus, the current situation makes the analysis of blueberry production and its future development even more relevant. It is important to assess the potential of the country in this field in order to determine the parameters of production efficiency, increase the export potential and raise awareness. The paper presents the opportunities for blueberry production in Georgia, market analysis and its development trends. There is assessed the world market of blueberries, the current situation in the article. The export potential of blueberries is analyzed, future prospects in the international market, SWOT assessment is presented. Its potential advantages, weaknesses, opportunities and threats are identified in order to establish a place in the international market of blueberries produced in Georgia. The above mentioned research will help the stakeholders interested in these issues to thoroughly analyze the opportunities for the production and development of blueberries as one of the most promising agricultural crops in Georgia in the future. Based on the analysis, the relevant conclusions are presented.
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Blueberry world market, blueberry production, blueberry export import, blueberry price
Economics and Business, №3, 2021, pp. 51-67