About the importance of brand as a system

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World Organisation of Systems and Cybernetics (WOSC)
Marketing system contains various sub-systems and elements. Their combined and thoughtful use makes it possible to achieve effective results in the competitive market. A big diversity of goods is represented on the market today. One of the most actual topics in the marketing’s theory and practice is the matter of the brands ruling. There are many opinions related to this. According to the one of the most popular point of view, brand success is not provided only by its trademark, but it has to pass certain levels. The key point in the Brand’s success is held by creating its positive image and ensuring its awareness. The image of the brand emerges by the psychological satisfaction of the buyer.
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Brand, Branding, Brand image, Marketing Research
WOSC Congress: „Science with and for Society: Contributions of Cybernetics and Systems“. Sapienza University of Rome, Italy. January 2017. pp.1-3